Mass Production Is Back! It’s Called Peer Production

One of the better blogs I follow is the ZDNet "Enterprise Web 2.0" by Dion Hinchcliffe, and his recent posting “What will power next-generation businesses?,” notes the critical role that peer production will play in next-generation businesses. According to Dion:

"This is a new Internet-powered business landscape. Self-organizing peer production is the motive force and network effects are the new market share.

“Peer production as the most efficient and richest source of value creation. Centralized production has value but it’s greatly limited when you can tap into the vast capabilities of the global network for mutual benefit. The network will always greatly outnumber your resources. The problem is that traditional means of enlisting contribution (employment) won’t work, something new will be required.”

After reading his posting, it struck me that in many ways this is essentially the information age replacement for mass production. It also qualifies well for my list of questions in my OCOT entry "What if the Impossible Isn’t?", and of course this all lies at the heart of my conviction that The Snowflake Effect is well on its way. 

I previously pointed out another good entry Dion wrote "Twenty-two power laws of the emerging social economy" and his most recent post (Dec.21, 2009) provides a great summary of his "ZDNet’s Enterprise Web 2.0: The top 10 posts of 2009"

They are both well worth reading!


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