Hearing the Future? The YouTube Piano | Click and Play!

via www.youtube.com

*  see also this earlier version using an image of a keyboard rather than video

What caught my eye (ear?) was not so much the on screen piano this provides but the clever use, or more correctly re-use and re-purposing of video and timelines.  This piano example by itself is a bit of a novelty and one which wears of soon.  However, start to imagine how you could use this for other applications? Think about a new level of interactivity that anyone can add to any of the increasing volume of video that is being posted and a new way of creating and re-using/re-purposing video content. Try using this on a touch enabled screen such as your iPhone or Android.

Perhaps it helps to think of this along the lines of "scanning" rather than needing to recreate from scratch, to almost instantly capture that which already exists and use this as the raw components to create whatever YOU have in mind. 

As the fidelity of audio and video continues to increase the gap between real/original and simulated/recorded lessens to the point of being indistinguishable.

For me, this is yet another example of how we are transforming from consumers to creators and to a society of "ProSumers" the likes of which McLuhan, Nevitt and the Tofflers so presciently described back in the 70's.  And of course I also see this as more examples of how we are also becoming a society of "Tearners" (Teacher/Learners)  

Give this video piano example a try and see if you start to hear the future as you play?

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