Avatars R’us? DIY Structured Light 3D Scanning | VizWorld.com

The 3D scanning effect that brought us radiohead’s “House of Cards” video is now within the realm of us mere mortals thanks to the work of Kyle McDonald.  In a new project on Instructables, he shows how to connect a projector and 3 cameras together to great a great low-cost 3D scanner.

You’ll need a camera, a projector, and some open source software to process the image data. Using these simple tools, [Kyle] turned out much better video than before. Take a look after the break to see his results from scanning at 60 fps using a PS3 Eye. The trick to this setup is getting the correct synchronization between the projector and the camera, something that could be improved with a bit of extra hacking.

via www.vizworld.com

3D Capture at 60fps from Kyle McDonald on Vimeo.

Very much worth watching this chunky video* (above) on how 3D scanning is entering the DIY (Do It Yourself) domain.

  • Note the cool new "drag to share" tab in the top left corner if you've not seen it before

Talk about mass personalization and The Snowflake Effect!  Suddenly you can have an avatar which really IS you!  Right now.  With what you probably have on your desk.

Want to get started?  Here are the full instructions on the Instructables site.**

  • If you've not done so already be sure to check out the Instructables site itself for a great example of DIY learning content.

And think about the implications and applications for learning, education and training.

Every day we get closer to the singularity where the real and the simulated/virtual/digital become indistinguisable or one and the same.

If you're not equal parts fascinated and frightened I don't think you're paying attention! Let's resolve the frightened part by guiding this in the right directions by using it for great results.

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