Magnetic Learning Objects?

Check out the video below if you are:

  • Tired of my constant use of LEGO blocks in my analogies?
  • Looking for a great gift idea?
  • Want to get some hands on experiential learning with what it will be like to do DIY nanotechnology design in the near future?
  • Want to make some magnetic snowflakes?


Of course I treat most things as metaphors and analogies and convert most to concepts and so for me these are a great way of learning to truly think and see things differently.  When you start to see how things can be both fluid, liquid or plastic like when you want to shape them and then snap into something more solid when you have the shape you want, I think your mind actually starts to work differently and better.  So I see these magnetic balls as a very powerful way of having some serious fun.  

These also available by the name of “BuckyBalls” but best deal I’m aware of is here at

Do a search on YouTube and you’ll find LOTS more examples of what others are doing with these amazing magnets, but of course the best designs and learning will be from trying them out yourself.


PS.  In case there is any doubt NO I am NOT affiliated with these products in any way.  I just think they are cool and a true learning object!


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