Google News to Publishers: Let’s Make Love Not War

Mass personalization figures strongly into Google’s work on aggregating news and information and working with publishers to do so.  Interesting to me that they see mass personalization as a way of increasing efficiency.

“The other thing we have a broad interest in is personalization. Every time a reader looks at something and says ‘that’s not for me’ and moves on, there’s inefficiency in the system.”

If they are new to you, do checkout two new lab projects from Google for accessing news; Fast Flip and Living Stories

And click below to read and watch (embedded video) the full interview PBS’s Mark Glaser had with  Google’s Krishna Bharat and Josh Cohen:

PBS MediaShift by Mark Glaser, February 4, 2010

Google’s Krishna Bharat and Josh Cohen discussed the origins of Google News, and recent experiments such as Fast Flip and Living Stories. (Photo by Charlotte Buchen)

In the view of some traditional media execs, Google is a digital vampire or a parasite or tech tapeworm using someone else’s content to profit. As that rhetoric heated up in the past year, Google has responded not with equal amounts of invective but with entreaties to help publishers.


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